Monday, September 10, 2007

I'm back!!

Does any of this writing matter? I've been drinking and tasting with the same critical eye towards value at every price point. Yesterday I ran to Trader Joe's to pick up a few items for my regular tasting group on Tuesday. What struck me was the amount of wine being purchased. TJ's isn't known for offering undiscovered gems IMO. It's known for selling at a price point and that's what I'm getting at here. Why will folks go out of their way to spend $5 on a cup of coffee at Starbucks but not be willing to spend more than $3 for a bottle of wine to wash down their dinner? I know there are plenty of folks like me (1% of the market) who really scrutinize their choices and would sooner feed the kitchen drain than drink plonk. Is it confusion over labels? Is it that they are friggin cheap? We only get one shot at this life people........this is not a dress rehearsal!

Rant over for now.

So I ask you all now. What the hell do you want from me? Do I continue to drink and write about wines I think are great value at all prices or do I adapt the TJ's model and post on stuff I can get past my teeth without registering a gag reflex? I need feedback. Show me a pulse. I'm actually thinking about doing something related the wine biz. I cannot and will not work with 1% of the population. I'm much more interested in finding out how to educate the public enough to have them want to take the next step. There are great wines available for $5-10 all over America. Anyone care?

Tasting notes for this week:

I've found a new source for proteins in San Francisco. Bryan Flannery runs a business that his father started and sells the highest quality meats, fish and poultry money can buy. I ordered NY strip steaks dry aged 30 days for Tuesday night's soirée. As a throw in I had him send me 1/2 LB of Yellowtail Hamachi Toro he picked out from the dock that morning. The Toro was the best I've ever had. The steaks looked awesome. Bryan personally walked me through the order over the phone and had everything sent second day air. The styrofoam container arrived with cool packs and everything was just as described. Bryan's mission is to offer the customer the best of everything only a little better. Phone 415 819 4366. I rate him 98+ points and maybe higher after I eat the steaks.

Wine tasting note:

Kiralyudvar Tokaji Furmint Sec 2005-Hungary

This was a new one for me. I've never had a dry Tokaji before.

Pale color. Lovely flowery aromatics. Lots of minerals with good weight. Medium long balanced finish.

The non wine geeks loved it. I thought it was an excellent buy at $27.


pearlcfam said...

welcome back groupie! Im down with your no nonsense no holds barred approach to your life with wine. I like the stories and anecdotes, the trip to markets and what possesed you to buy and where and why you did/didnt like what you had. People just want easy to understand recommendations about what to drink why to drink when to drink with a little of what to drink it in and how to hold on it to it if they really like it. Just look at Vaynerchuk, he's gotten huge not by catering to the snobby j-o elitist who think their shit doesnt stink, but by letting regular people learn about what is so great about wine. So I say keep on keepin on and build up a consulting thing catering to restaurants and individuals on the side that will work hand in hand with what you do on the blog.

Dan said...

whatever you're drinking, i want to know about it. so drink more!